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QSL Wizard
Version: 2.09
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One of the biggest challenges after working contacts is sending out QSL cards for contacts worked and while there are many options including custom printing many people prefer to create them from their own logbook programs. Indeed many of these programs offer the ability to create cards and labels, most of them only support a few formats. If you need more flexability then the QSL Wizard is the best tool to use. Simply export your log data into the new standard ADIF format, import this data into the QSL Wizard and you are off and running with a program that will allow you to exactly design your cards or labels in your own format.

QSL Wizard has the following additional features:

Import any standard ADIF log file
Maintain multiple log files
Generate QSL cards in your own format
Generate QSL labels any size in your own format
Generate reports from your logbooks
Easy to use
Edit contacts
Easy to learn and use designed

  Any logbook program that can output a file in ADIF format can be imported into the QSL Wizard. Once imported the data may be modified to generate QSL cards or labels, or even create custom reports for your contacts.

  Editing contact information is a snap with the built in editor.

  The report manager can be used to create any number of QSL cards, labels, or reports and organize them into folders similar to wwindows.

  The report designer allows you to create output an any format you wish. You will not be constrained to only include one graphic image. You can add as many as you wish.

  The final step is to create output. In this example 4 cards to a page are created and can be easly cut up into standard sized cards.

More QSL Card Samples

In this example you see that you can use any of the standard windows fonts including the ham fonts that are included with the software. Notice that you also have full control of the placement of text and graphics.
In this example we have taken a basic card design, included a background, and colored in the contact information block.
This is a basic card and illistrates a simple card.
This is a card using a vertical format.

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