For a number of years I had been looking for a good logging program that would help me keep track of contacts and take care of the routing activity of creating reports and QSL cards. You see when it comes to writing out QSL cards I have become very lazy and having software that would perform this task was important. What I found was an excellent program called miLog from Ham toys. This program did everything I was looking for and them some except create customized reports, labels and QSL cards. Taking what I had learned from developing the Century CLub Logger I wrote this simple interface and can read the files from miLog and produce reports, labels, and QSL cards.

miLog Reporter supports an unlimited number of reports and using the report browser you can orginize your reports to your own needs.
This is an example of the powerful report designer interface. With it you can drop database fields and add test and images. Elements that are placed on a report, label or card can be moved to any place on the design. There are no restrictions on how many images, fields or test items that can be placed on a form. This example shows my default QSL card ready to be previewed and printed.
This is an example of the finished QSL card ready for printing. I use the 4 to a page format, print them and then slice them up into 3.5" x 5.5" ready for distribution. Notice that I have picked the 3.5" x 5.5" which has become a DX standard.

  Finished QSL card
Here in another example of labels ready for printing. Note that some of the lables have multiple contacts. Currently the repoter allows for printing 4 contacts per label. If there are more than 4 then additional lables will be produced for the desired results.

  Finished Labels

In addition to printing QSL labels and cards you my also the the software to create custom reports from your miLog data. The tool allows you to select individual fields, select query (filter) criteria, and design reports to your own needs. Please take a look at our sample loogbook.

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