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OK, so I am a Field Day junkie. My first Field Day was way back in 1962 and it has been all down hill from there. Over the past 6 years I have taken a very active role in the 2 radio clubs I have belonged to and collected a whole wealth of information. The Field Day Source Book was created back in 2002 after a very successfull and fun event (and, nope we did not have a really good score, but set a club record for the number of people who attenede).

Since this is a collection of many resources I have tried not to violate any copyright issues. If I have I woll remove the material from this site.

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Field Say Source Book This is the difinative guide to Field Day. This document contains over 70 pages of useful information that has proved successful over the past 5 years. This is a repository of information from around the country Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Attendance This is the sign in sheet for everyone who attended the event including visitors Acrobat File   MS/Excel File
General Class Band Chart Band Chart for General Class License Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Technician Class Band Chart Band Chart for Technician Class License Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Dupe Sheet Generic Dup Sheets. Mostly used for the GOTA station Acrobat File   MS/Excel File
Field Day Banner This is the banner we posted around town and at other ham radio events Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Field Day Information In early planning stages it is time to start getting help from your organization. We used this form to collect information from our members. Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Field Day Invitation The invitation form is the last form we use to invite our members to come and join the fun. It gives all of the information including directions to the site, what to bring, food plan, and check lists. Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Ham Attenance Log Sign in sheet just for hams. Acrobat File   MS/Excel File
Ham Radio License Class Sign Up Sign up sheet for prospective hams. Since our club offers continious classes we use every opportunity to get new people Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Log Sheets Field day log sheets used in case of computer problems Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Morse Code Poster Morse Code chart from the ARRL Archie comic book. Used as a demonstration at the GOTA station Graphic Image File
Amateur Radio Week Proclamation This is a sample Proclamation that can be used by your local club to declare Field day week as Amateur Radio Week. Normally signed by the Governor Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Press Release 1 Our press release format 1 Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Press Release 2 Our press release format 2 Acrobat File   MS/Word File
SARC Brochure Our club brochure (W7SAA). You should have plenty of these on hand for your visitors Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Station Sign Up Sheets Station sign up sheets used by the band captains. Acrobat File   MS/Word File
Token Cards Sample token cards. See text in the Field Day Source Book Acrobat File   MS/Word File
GOTA Certificate We issue a nice certificate suitable for framing to all of our guests who operate the GOTA station. This certificate looks real nice printed in color on parchment paper Acrobat File   MS/Word File
GOTA CheckList This is the current GOTA stations band captains check list. Nice format for others to follow Acrobat File   MS/Word File
GOTA FD Log GOTA station Log Book Acrobat File   MS/Excel File
GOTA QSO Exchange This is a handy aid used at the GOTA station operator to exchange information with other stations Acrobat File   MS/Word File
GOTA Station Log GOTA station Log Book (another format) Acrobat File   MS/Word File

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